Besakih Temple Ceremony

Batara Turun Kabeh Ceremony at BesakihAt the peak of the Ida Batara Turun Kabeh or congregation of the god ceremony, Friday (Apr. 3) at the Penataran Agung of Besakih, Karangasem, abundant pilgrims flocked to say prayers. From the morning before the peak, pilgrims already worshipped alternately led by local priest. Meanwhile, the peak of the ngusaba kadasa was officiated over by eight higher priests. Six of them say prayers at elephant pavilion accompanied by the coordinator Ida Dalem Semaraputra and two others at paselang pavilion. Other than Tri Sandya, the prayers last Monday was also worshipping for 11 times led by eight higher prayers and coordinated by I Gusti Mangku Jana. The peak of the ceremony was also accompanied with selonding gamelan music and Rejang Dewa sacred dance presented by devotional dancers from the IHDN Denpasar. In addition, the peak of the ceremony took place more solemnly and accompanied by gamelan music, puppet show, Baris dance and Sidakarya mask. Meanwhile, one of the committees, Jero Mangku Suyasa, conveyed that Ida Batara Turun Kabeh procession of this year is not much different from the previous year. Many deities come down to earth. They abide in the meeting hall and witness the worship after the peak last Friday until next 21 days and the sanctified effigies of the deities will be put into respective shrine on Friday afternoon (Apr. 24). During the 21 days, pilgrims get a chance to say prayers in order to apologize for a mistake having been made as well invoke salvation and grace.